Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Few Minutes to Relax

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! Mine started out earlier than I would have liked but what can you do? I woke up around 7:15 and layed in bed for awhile until I finally gave up and got out of bed. Once Adam was up I was ready to eat, it was about 8:15 I had a bowl of cereal SHOCKER RIGHT?!?!? (Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Total) with banana and skim milk and of course coffee on the side. Adam had one of his famous omelets with a few eggs, sausage, bacon and pork roll. A nice heart attack on a plate as I lovingly call it :-p I must say it was very good though, just not something I could eat a whole one of. IT WAS HUGE! I also had a bite of pork roll.. Oh My Goodness how I love that stuff, even though it is unidentifible meat products!! haha Its just a Jersey thing I will always a a special spot in my heart for ;)

I was then off to the gym for a nice work out of 2.7 miles on the treadmill and some upper body weights. I'm now home to relax for a little bit before I jump in the shower to get ready to go to South Amboy for my uncles memorial service. He died a few weeks ago but because of family drama things were put off until now. So we will be going to his ex wife's (who my family loves and keeps in contact with) family's italian restaurant. I have heard so many great things about it growing up from my dad so I can't wait to try it!! I just wish the reason for us going was different! I will be back later tonight to fill you in on the eats there ;) I'm also trying to conive Adam to stop at Whole Foods on the way home since we will be going past Red Bank.. HEHE

Have a great day!

Oh and here is a picture of the cosmos Adam made last night! I completely forgot a had taken a picture of them until I uploaded our breakfast pics :)

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  1. haha...when i was a kid my uncle and aunt would make us breakfasts like that but instead of ham, we would have SPAM!! YUCK! hahaha...but i hated eating the plate because of that and because she used to stick SUGAR in our eggs! disgusting!

    and i'm sorry to hear about your uncle. :(