Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunburned Saturday!!

Hello everyone! I thought today was supposed to be a nice cool fall day but boy was I wrong! It all started this morning, I was up at 6:30!!!!! For no reason at all, I was not a happy camper. I decided since I was up I might as well be productive so I started to clean up the kitchen as quietly as I could, since Adam was asleep. He woke up about 15 minutes later because he thought there was something wrong. (NOPE I'M JUST A SPAZ!!)
I then made up some coffee and went to shower while he made his breakfast, today was eggs and Canadian bacon. I tried a bite of each, but I had brought over my cottage cheese and bagel to my parents house to have while I did my laundry today. So around 10 I started to trek over to the parents house. It was gorgeous out! I was in heaven it was the perfect day to be sitting out at the field for Joe's game.

Once at the parents I toasted up half my bagel and spread a pretty good amount of the whipped cottage cheese on it and put some sugar free preserves on top. ( took the picture after a few bites.. oopps) I had it on a Barney plate from when Joe was little!! hahahhaha
I also tried some Pasta E Fagolio my dad had made, it was amazing of course ;) about a half hour before we were leaving for the game I toasted up the other yummy half of my onion bagel and put more cottage cheese and jelly on. I was so full!! I had also been snacking on grapes while helping mom upload pictures of the house after the girls decorated.

The game was fun except the sun was BLAZING HOT! My sunburn is horrible! I have the worst sunglass burn in the whole world!! I'd take a picture but its too embarrassing! hahaha

Adam came and got me after the game, Manasquan won 3-0!! woohooo

We then came home and I set off to bake some of these tasty treats! They came out very tasty, I made Adam try one straight out of the oven. I also had a bite and ofcourse some of the cookie dough :)

I'm now sitting and relaxing trying to cool off still from the sun, I took another shower and it was painful. oh well.. next time SUNBLOCK!!!

see you for dinner! hope your having a great Saturday!!
here's a picture of the tree in front of the parents house that was tp'd for todays game! there's also a ton of signs all over the house saying they love Joe!! awww :-D

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