Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday....

Lets recap my day...
Breakfast was the usual cereal (total and kashi go lean crunch) with banana and skim milk. I was then off to work for a nice light day, we only had 7 kids! It was great and flew by.

Lunch was Dannon Light and Fit with cantaloupe and some pineapple. I took the picture after I had already starting eating it OOPPS!!! While the kiddies were having snack I also had some of it, just some cheddar cheese Goldfish.

I was then off to the gym and did around 2 miles on the treadmill and some upper body lifting. It was then home and doing some cleaning up in the kitchen. I finally sat down and Adam came home.. I was telling him how we got some more post cards in the mail from a photographer, he jumped in the shower and then I took a double take at the postcard. The picture of the front looked very familiar... Why.....It is one of my good friends from high school who lives in the same complex and me and her hubby!! I imed her right away telling her she was famous! I was very excited! haha

Dinner was then a salad with bbq tofu from Whole Foods, romaine, carrots, peppers, red onion, and some chicken. I put some Newman's Own honey mustard dressing YUM!! I also had some of dad's green beans baked with mozzerella cheese and breadcrumbs on top. It was great... Adam and I then went out for a walk on the boardwalk, it was a little less than 2 miles. We then ran to Kmart to pick up a few things for the apartment now that he is officially living here!!!!! I am now relaxing with some brownies baking in the oven for mom and I ate one of my super charge me cookies because I NEEDED something sweet ASAP! I also did have some brownie batter.. It is another one of those SWEETS kinda days.

I hope everyone had a fast and good Monday!

see you tomorrow.


  1. glad to hear you had a good monday!

    and yay for brownie batter...YUM.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Monday!!! Hope your Tuesday goes just as well :0)

  3. Your lunch was MAYBE 120 calories, if even that much. Please, fuel yourself better and seek help if needed.