Monday, September 8, 2008


Once again another busy busy day, I was up at at em for work around 7:30 today and had some breakfast of cereal (kashi go lean crunch and total) LF soymilk and banana and ofcourse a cup of coffee. I was then off to work for a nice relaxing day, we only had 5 today! Which is awesome since tomrorow I think I may have 14!! That is a ton of 2 year olds.......
Lunch was banana cream Axelrod yogurt and some cantalope that I sort of inhaled while talking to my boss about some things going on at the school. I also had a few pretzels and grapes during snack time ;)

I ran to the gym after work to get in a quick workout since I knew there would be some pigging out tonight. I did 2.30 miles on the treadmill and some lifting. I came home, refueled with a cookie and cleaned up the kitchen before jumping in the shower and running out the door to the parents house. I brought some work with me for the bulletin boards, which I didn't get much done of. We had baked chicken, baked sweet potato and some stuffing. I had about 3/4 piece of chicken 1/2 of a medium size sweet potato and a spoon full of stuffing. YUM! Gotta love mom's cooking :-D

Then it was time for my cake! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with christmas sprinkles. My dad always used to start playing christmas music pretty much right after school started when I was young to get my mom frazzled. haha She didn't want to start thinking about christmas shopping the 2nd week in September!! lol
here's my slice!
I'm now off to relax and do some work and be extremely full.

I hope everyone's Monday flew by like mine did :)

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