Saturday, September 6, 2008

The days are flying by!

Good morning everyone
I just wanted to give a quick recap of yesterday since I wasn't home all day except for a quick shower between work and dinner.

For breakfast I had the normal cereal lf soymilk and banana, with an iced coffee on the side. Work was great, I only had 6 kids and they were all so good (thank goodness) By the time it was lunch time I still wasn't hungry, I guess I have to get used to eating at 12ish now. I had my yogurt again and an extremely juicey peach while looking at The Knot New Jersey :-D

When I was getting ready to leave work one of the moms who has twins at the school brought her friends daughter with her to pick the boys up. She was the little girl that was in my camp at this school 6 years ago. The first time I worked in a nursery school, She is now in third grade and almost as big as me! I haven't seen her since she was 4 and boy was I surprised, I do have her little brother in my class this year.

I went to the gym and did a quick 2.25 miles on the treadmill and came home to shower and get ready for a nice dinner out and a Cosmo!!

We went to a restaurant in Sea Girt I got the Sante Fe Chicken (I used to get this all the time when I was younger and went here with my parents) I ate about half of it and a little over half of my salad with honey mustard dressing. (it was a splurge night). I WAS SO EXTREMELY FULL but boy was it good! We then decided we needed a walk on the boardwalk before the storm hit, so off we went. We did about 2 miles maybe a little less, then we were off to Adam's moms house to help her with her new cell phone. I'm the tech queen in her eyes :) We finally got home around 10ish got comfy and settled in with a super charge me cookie and a nice big glass of water.

I'll be back later after breakfast :-D

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of the sunset at my apartment complex

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