Tuesday, September 16, 2008


First off I just want to thank the people who are saying that I "have a problem not eating enough calories" I don't eat much at work because I'm running around after 2 year olds... So if I eat too much with all the bending and stuff I do not feel so swift! I have tried eating more in one sitting and realized it just doesn't work for me! I always eat some more food at snacktime with the kids, it may not be much but it gets me through the day! Its not worth it in my eyes to end up feeling sick, so I just tend to graze alittle bit instead. But thank you for worrying! I'm doing ok I promise :-D
For breakfast this morning it was the usual cereal (kashi go lean crunch and total) with bananas, cinnamon and skim milk. I also filled up my travel mug with coffee, splenda and some ff hazelnut creamer. I NEEDED THE CAFFEINE TODAY! We had 14 1.5-2.5 year olds today so as you can imagine it was NUTS!!!

When lunch came I was starting to get alittle hungry, my body is finally getting used to eating earlier :)

I had Wegman's blended vanilla yogurt and a yummy apple! My first of the season, You will be seeing tons of apples soon. Adam and I will be apple picking in about 2 weeks and I will live on them. I can't wait! Snack time was a couple handfuls of goldfish and then it was outside to play with the kids. I walked to and from work today so that was about a half of a mile. I came home and got changed and had half of a Larabar the peanut butter one!! SO GOOD!!! I then went to the gym and did about 2 more miles while watching Reba. I came home and did some cleaning and cutting up those yummy brownies. I had to try one since I'm giving them away to the parents (didn't want anyone getting sick of course.. hahha).

I'm now reading some blogs and waiting to hop in the shower, I let Adam go in before me since he works outside all day :)

hope everyone had a nice Tuesday! See you for dinner!

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