Sunday, September 14, 2008

HMMM What to Eat?

Adam finally woke up around 8:15, I'm so bad since I was up at 7!! hahah I made some coffee and sat and thought about what to eat. We are going to Monmouth Racetrack for his company's Day at the Races. They rent out a bbq space there and its a family fun day, I don't plan on eating or drinking there so I wanted to have something healthy and filling for breakfast. I decided on Chobani vanilla yogurt with lots of berries and some granola, not exactly what I wanted but there was nothing that jumped out at me!
Adam and I then sat and made up the "Big" list of things for him to bring over today. The move in is happening! I'm such a spaz but its and exciting thing for me, even though we are already engaged I just think living together really is the best "test" to see if it will work. He already knows I'm a clean freak so hopefully it won't be too bad ;) I've already vacuumed and (dusted just the living room since it was at 7:30 when he was still sleeping) I'm now looking some things up for work and then have to drag my butt in the shower to get ready since we are leaving at 11:30. Lets hope we win big today!!!! Oh and I plan on bringing a Genisoy bar with me to the race for when I get hungy.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday see ya for dinner :-D

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  1. Hi fellow Megan. Love your blog.

    I haven't had a Genisoy bar in a long time, but they are tasty. Which flavor do you like? About 5 years ago, there was a caramel flavor, but they don't make it any more!