Saturday, September 6, 2008


This morning started out like any other Saturday, getting up eating my normal cereal, banana and soymilk with some coffee. I did some cleaning out of the fridge and then was off to the gym. I did about 2.25 miles on the treadmill and some upper body lifting, and went off to the parents to do my laundry (this is where I go downhill).
After being so full last night and not feeling great this morning just made me go into a tailspin of horrible eating at the parents house! I had a serving of chex mix while standing around talking to my dad, then it was on to 2 chocolate chip cookies. I WAS NOT EVEN HUNGRY! My stomach was finally feeling better after the walk on the treadmill but this should not have made me think it was ok to eat crap when I had just eaten breakfast 2 and a half hours before. UGH oh well I'll get back on track right now! I'm getting hungry for real now, since that junk I ate had nothing good in it. I think I'll shower and get some yogurt and fruit that should hopefully make me feel better I hope.

Sorry I just needed to vent....

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday and staying safe if your anywhere near these lovely hurricanes that won't seem to go away.

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  1. Never apologize for venting... if you need to express eating frustration, this is the place for it! Plus we've all been there, so not only do I completely understand but I also appreciate the fact that I'm not alone. Obviously neither are you, and (although I'm guilty og it too) please try so tough on yourself. You've been doing great and recognizing your unnecessary nibbles as such is the most important thing. Hope you were able to move on after your parent's house and have a wonderful day :)