Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Picked One!!!

Lets start with breakfast then I'll get to the exciting stuff!! After my shower I made up 1/3 cup egg beaters mixed with some skim milk and shredded mozz and popped in in the microwave. I also had a Boca sausage patty with tons of ketchup! YUMMMY! While microwaving I snacked a a huge handful of grapes.
We were then off to walk the boardwalk for a little before meeting mom at the Breakers :-D It was a gorgous morning at the Jersey Shore, with a nice breeze but you could tell the sun was hot hot hot! We met up with mom and went in, we walked around the ballroom and then into the room for the cocktail hour. I knew it was the "one" when I heard My Girl by the Temptations playing. I grew up going there with my mom and dad and since I've become such a sap I almost started to cry! hahahah Its so great there and brings back great memories :-D I was very tempted to ask for a coke to spill all over the crisp white table clothes for old time sake! :-p Everything about it is perfect, the view, the food, the atmosphere!! We went to the two others, and liked the White Sands, but it was out of our price range. Weddings are EXPENSIVE!!

After looking at 2 of the 3 we stopped and grabbed Adam a sub from Jersey Mikes and come home to relax for a few before we were up and out again. I had 2 bites of his Italian sub, couple bites of a HUGE pickle he got there and a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond with LW Soymilk. I also had more grapes, and a bottle of Diet Coke. After leaving the last place we went to Shoprite to pick up some things for the week and some ground turkey for Sloppy Joe's. We get this awesome kind of sauce from whenever we go to New Hope PA. Its expensive, but we only eat it once a year ;) our little splurge!When I got home and was unpacking our food I had some walnuts since I didn't eat much for lunch and was getting alittle hungry. I also had a craving for a Blue Moon with an orange, so we picked that up. We need to celebrate setting a date and find a reception site! So since I'm done cleaning and vacumming I'm going to pop a beer and wait for Adam to come home from closing up his mom's pool. See you for dinner !

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