Sunday, September 7, 2008

AHH finally relaxing :)

I just sat down after a fun filled day, we went to the pig roast and I had a beer and a half. Then onto lunch, I was definately dissapointed with it. The burgers were way over cooked :( I eat burgers maybe 2x a year and I missed out this time! The baked beans and pasta salad were tasty though. I even tried the pig, poor little piggy had a tad trouble being carried in (my brother was carrying it to the fire house and its head fell off!!! ) :-( he told me this after I tried a bite of Adam's sandwhich. It was really good I tried so hard not to think about what I was eating, because when we went up to get food I saw it and had to walk away. My stomach could not handle it at all! We hung out and talked with my mom for awhile then came back home. I had baked my dad's bday cake for tomorrow before we left for the Pigroast and it was nice and cool to frost when we got back. We dropped it off at the parents house and were off to food shop and walk the boardwalk. The waves were HUGE and some not so intelligent people were in the ocean swimming, but the surfers were loving it! When we were leaving we heard 2 people had drowned in Spring Lake, my brother was there for 2 hours with the divers and rescue squads because they only found one body :(
We were starving by the time we got home around 7ish and had some dinner. I just had my salad that I had bought to have yesterday with a small can of tuna and some yummy croutons :) I totally forgot to take a picture, I can't let myself get so hungry because I dig in so quick that I forget the camera. grrr I will get better at this I promise, for you and for me! I need to SEE what I am eating!! I also had 2 cookies after I vacuumed and showered.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
see you in the morning for breakfast I'm off to watch Failure to Launch and do some teacher stuff for my bulletin boards.

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