Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wow Gotta Love Benadryl Comas!

I woke up after a lovely 9ish hours of sleep! FINALLY! thanks to a Benadryl :) Unfortunately I was groggy all day though! UGH I barely had a voice and coughed and sneezed most of the day.. oh what fun! lol I started the morning with my normal bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee (I really wanted Greek yogurt but with the way my head was this am I didn’t think it was a good idea)  


I tried to snap out of it and went out shopping with mommy for a bit :) We went to Cost Cutters since it is going out of business and everything that is left is 70% off! I got some Aleve, nose spray for Adam, Bronzer and Christmas cards all for 7.50! Good Deal I think! We also walked around the dollar store and I picked up a newspaper. This is my new Sunday ritual ;) Once home Adam and I went to the mall to walk around since it was uberly yucky out here in Jersey. We didn’t get anything just walked around for about an hour then came back near the house. We were starving since it was about 1:45ish so we went to our favorite restaurant down the street The Porch. I got a Diet Coke and the Tuna Melt without the bacon… This thing was huge! Just like their burgers! I almost forgot to take a picture so this is after eating a bit! I brought half home and let me tell you I was full all afternoon!0501092129

cI did snack on same grapes though for something sweet! I got some stuff down around the apartment and relaxed then around 6 I figured I should eat a little something for dinner. I had TJ’s Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and some Fiber One and Grapes Nuts for CRUNCH! Dessert was some chocolate covered almonds, peanuts and cherries… I had this times 2! :-D  



I’m off to watch Outbreak I love this movie even though its pretty scary with all the crazy diseases/fluishness.. Hope you all had a great weekend! See ya tomorrow! :)

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