Saturday, May 16, 2009

I’m Alive Still! I Think….

Hey There sorry I’ve been missing for a few days.. My allergies have totally gotten the best of me….. Thursday night I slept maybe 3 hours, thanks to Aleve Cold and Sinus making my heart race all night long! and Friday night I was a good friend to my Brides Maid and went and saw her boyfriends band in Seaside at The Beachcomber Bar, it was their music festival and both of his bands were playing so we stayed for his one band and left before his second went on because we were headed to “our bar” Headliner to see Daddypop! Unfortunately I left Kelli and Becky around 12:15 since I hadn’t slept the night before and my throat hurt so bad :-( I was trying to be upbeat and happy  but it just wasn’t working and my nose was running like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to keep running to the bathroom to blow my nose.. NO FUN AT ALL! I guess every party has to have a party pooper.. and that was ME! Luckily my awesome brother who passed his Fireman test and graduated from the Academy of Finance (special program at his high school) and also got a scholarship for it ;) picked me up! He saved the day.. well night/morning.. lol I was home and in bed by 12:45.. and woke up with knives in my throat by 1:30! It was terrible! Are anyone else’s allergies this bad? I just don’t get it… here’s a recap of my foods of Thursday Odwalla bar for breakie lunch was yogurt, granola and tons of ripe strawberries and lots of pretzel goldfishes ;) dinner was a salad and stuffed peppers that daddy was so nice to give to us! YUM YUM I love dad’s cooking!

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Friday’s eats: Usual cereal, yogurt granola and lots of berries, a few bites of Adam’s yummy sausage peppers and onions, and bison meatballs.. MMMM and my din din was a “crack wrap” that I’ve been seeing all over the blogs. Mine was a Flat Out wrap with veggie hummus and a slice of American cheese with some TJ’s mock sun chips and a pickle! I really liked the wrap, I dipped mine in ketchup. I also had a few spoonfuls of ice cream before I left for the bar :-D thought it would make my throat feel better!

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Today I was still feeling extremely yucky and thought about ditching the gym but of course I wouldn’t let myself. I figured I went Thursday and Friday not feeling so hot so why not go today and see how much I could do? Before leaving I had a cup of coffee to try and get motivated and a bowl of cereal same as I’ve been having all week.


I did 2 miles on the treadmill and lifted then headed off to the parents for laundry washing and baking a cake. The “norm” for my Saturdays ;) I snacked on tons of grapes while there and some other crap.. They have such junk food there, because of my brother and I always cave into it! UGH but it was there and I didn’t feel good.. good enough excuse for me :-( I came back home and had some cottage cheese and apples for some real food and cleaned up and showered so Adam and I could go for a long walk on the boardwalk, we only did about 2 miles (it was so windy!) and then went to Shoprite to pick up some things for dinner. I had a diet Snapple Raspberry tea and some Tostitos when we got home because I was getting hungry and it was only 4:00ish. Dinner was then some TJ’s Bison patties we had picked up on our last trip. We threw them on the George Foreman and cooked up some sweet potato and regular fries in the oven. I put Cabot 50% reduced fat cheddar on my burger and had a pickle and fries. I dipped everything in BBQ sauce.. SO SO GOOD! 014

After that even though I was full I had a piece of my Black Bean Brownies with frosting… God forbid I eat a more healthy dessert! hahahah it totally filled my sweet tooth and now I’m off to relax finally and take some Benadryl since it is the only thing that helps lately.

Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend! See ya tomorrow!

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