Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Love Long Weekends!

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven’t blogged, when I go to I always end up thinking of something else that needs to get done.. I’m sure you know how it is.

I’ll start with Friday, it was a Luna Chocolate Raspberry bar and coffee for my walkage to work. 



Lunch was yogurt, granola and lots of pineapple (trying to finish it before it goes bad). snack time was a few mini Oreos and some pretzels. I walked home after work and had some cashews before heading off to fight with the traffic to go 1 mile to the gym. Oh how I love the summers at the Jersey Shore! Really I wouldn’t change it for the world but I could live with out traffic ;) Dinner was a crack wrap with cheese, veggie hummus and roasted red peppers. I also had half a sweet potato with salsa on the side. There also might have been some tater chips eaten with a pic taken ;) ok  maybe lots of tater chips! 006

We did tons of walking on Friday night, going up to the beach to see the Benny’s (north jersey/new Yorkers) who come and invade the shore ;) We then walked down to our favorite bar/restaurant The Porch for a few beers and just to hang out and relax. I had 2 Miller Lites and came home and snacked on way too much junk! ugh.. Gotta love drunken

Saturday I was up at 6:30 for no reason :( I got out of bed around 7:30 and made up a pot of yummy coffee to get the motors going. I also had a bowl of my usual cereal before getting my stuff together for the gym and laundry at the parents’. 008 007

At my parent’s house I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and brownies for them and ate way too much batter. UGH! Like lead in my belly!!! Once I came home put clothes away and showered I putzed around and figured out what to eat for lunch. I had a yogurt with some TJ’s granola and some of an apple. I wasn’t very hungry after my batter binge ;) 009

Adam and I went to Top Tomato, they have awesome produce sales and the one in Freehold is brand new and HUGE! We got lots of yummy stuff like watermelon for .49 cents a pound!! woohooo and it tastes just like SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We came home and it was after 5 and I had horrible heart burn :( I settled on tuna with celery and red onions with mayo and a salad. this hit the spot! I also munched on some more of those evil but delish tater chips :) 011 010

After dinner we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee then went for a walk around town to look at the big houses in Spring Lake and dream that we could afford one some day! Once we got home I had a black bean brownie with some frosting and 2 bites of the yummy donuts Adam got at DD’s!


Hope you all are having a Super Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be back later on with the recap of today! After I get back from the gym and getting pretty we are going to New Hope Pa for some shopping and food and drinks! I love that town so much!

See ya later!

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