Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

WOW is all I can say! Today was beautiful, they were saying possible thunderstorms but we lucked out :-D Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday but by the time we got home from our “date” night at Wal-Mart and Barnes and Nobles I wasn’t really in the mood for typing.. on a good note one of my coworkers got me a great deal on my Flip Flops for my wedding!!! q462_slv_a0

Onto food for my Friday Breakfast was the usual cereal and coffee at work. I even got to walk to work!!! 001

Lunch was yogurt with granola and the end of my pineapple. I also had a small piece of pudding cake from the 4 year olds Mother’s Day Tea :-D On my walk home before the gym I had a handful of grapes and some almonds since I was starving! At the gym I did 2 miles and weights and headed home to shower and eat so we could go out. Dinner was a salad with hummus and a half a sweet potato with Newman’s Pineapple Salsa.. MMM my favorite!!!  


I just got a IBC Diet Root Beer at B&N and read some magazines :-D What a great Friday night in my book! When I got home I was getting a bit hangry so I had some of an apple with PB.YUM! It did the trick ;)


Today I was up and going this morning, since God forbid I sleep in on the weekend! lol Breakfast was a bowl of Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and Fiber One cereal and of course a nice mug of coffee. 007 006

I may have also stole bites of Adam’s eggs and pork roll :-D After getting my stuff together I headed off to the gym and did about 2 miles on the treadmill and was off to my mom’s to shower, do laundry, bake a cake, and take mommy out to The Circus Drive In. Its even been on The Food Network! I had their Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich on a hard roll and had a few of my mom’s fries. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture since I ran into some kiddies from one of the schools I worked at years ago! They’ve gotten so big! We sat on the patio and it was the perfect day to go there, not too hot or too chilly! We take my mom there every year for Mother’s Day. Its cheap but it was a place we went to with her growing up, it was our place since my Dad wasn’t a fan of it..

After coming back to the apartment I cleaned and did lesson plans and waited Adam to get home from lunch with his dad. We then went up to the boardwalk. Oh my goodness it was HOT HOT HOT up there! Not that I’m complaining because I love getting my walks in with my sweetie pie. We did about 2 miles ran to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things and headed home for a quiet night. I had a small easy dinner since I was still full from my huge lunch (I swear it was a whole chicken!!) I just had my usual bowl of cereal (just a bit bigger) 008

I then made a margarita but didn’t like it so I gave it to Adam. 009

Since I was mad that it didn’t come out good I made my mom some cookies. I made her Peanut Butter cookies with cake mix! Its so easy!!


Cake Mix PB Cookies

1 box cake mix

1/2 cup PB

4 oz cream cheese

2 eggs

Beat all together until it starts to pull away from the sides of the bowl. then form into balls. Use a fork coated in flour to criss cross the tops to flatten it out a bit. Bake at 375 for about 7-8 minutes. They come out cakes and yummy!!!

I had a Blue Moon and some ChocVine Wine and a spoonful of Ice Cream while Uploading some old pictures!! It was a fun night, just sitting home since Adam’s watching Nascar. I had to find a way to amuse myself, I put on my IPod and rocked out while sipping on my drinks and looking at old pics :-D I’ll leave ya with a few oldies!!   

Me and my friend Jess after a wine cooler or 2 back in the day.. hahah (Boy was I tan!!)scan0007scan0003

That’s me on the pony! It was my birthday and my Uncle George (the man in the picture) got me it for my bday party!! I miss him :(


My 5th Birthday! I loved Rainbow Bright if you couldn’t tell! :-P

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  1. I love the Rainbow Brite Cake!!!! I was in love with her and Strawberry Shortcake myself!