Monday, May 4, 2009

I Need A Boat For This Week!

Another day of RAIN! UGH!!! I actually had a goodnight of sleep last night after I heard things from my neighbor that I should NOT have heard! EWWW hahah I woke up a bit before the alarm and got started on my day. I had a bowl of jumbo Rice Krispies with Kashi Go Lean Crunch, banana, cinnamon and light vanilla soymilk. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! I also had about 2 handfuls of yummy grapes since they were calling my name in the fridge ;)I brought a mug of coffee with me to work since it is chilly here in Jersey. 004

The morning dragged a bit since I was alone today since the woman that helps me in my class is sick! Once lunch came I thought I was hungry and ate some strawberries and some of my cottage cheese and apples but just wasn’t feeling it. I really didn’t have an appetite! That’s a first right? But don’t you worry by 3 o’clock I was STARVING! I hate it when that happens :( After work I headed to the bank and then the gym and did 2.25 miles on the treadmill and lifted. I came home and picked up my library books to get some new reads for the kiddies. I also picked up Skinny Bitch! I took this out once before but never read it so now I’m determined!

After I got home and showered it was time for dinner. I had some of my leftovers from The Olive Garden. I took a ton of the shrimp and veggies and had a nice big salad on the side! MMMM so so good! 007 006 After dinner Adam and I did our Financial Worksheet for our counseling session with the Pastor tomorrow. I then snacked on a Super Charge Me Cookie and now I’m off to start reading! Have a great night all!



What good books have you read lately? I really need to start up again! I used to read all the time and I miss it!

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