Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Long Fun Filled Day!

Good Evening Ya’ll

I just got back from New Hope PA and had a great time! Here’s a recap of my day.

When I got up this morning around 7:30 I made some coffee and checked my email before making my same old bowl of cereal (I figure if it aint broke no need to fix it ;) 013

After trying to digest for awhile I went to the gym to get in some much needed treadmill time since I knew we’d be enjoying some dinner and drinkys tonight. I did 2.5 miles and tried out some intervals, I would post them if I remembered them..hahah I came home got my shiznat together and got ready to go. We ran across the street before we left for PA to pick up a few things, since I was planning on baking for a BBQ at Adam’s mom’s house tomorrow. Lunch was in the car, it was a Breyer’s Black Cherry yogurt with TJ’s LF Almond granola with a few walnuts pieces thrown in to the mix and some pineapple and apple slices. I also snacked on some of Adam’s pretzels in the car during the ride. Its about and hour and 15 minutes to get there. First we hit up Peddlers Village, its the cutest shopping place! We tried some wine at the winery there and some pasta at the Italian store there :-D Gotta love samples!!! We then drove back towards New Hope and parked in the High School parking lot because it was crazy packed in the town! We walked around and looked in some stores and then decided on our early dinner… We went to The Landing for dinner and sat outside on the Delaware River. It was GORGEOUS!!! and we made some ducky friends that I fed a random chip off the ground when it hopped up next to Adam’s feet!! 0524091708 0524091710 0524091708a 

hahah I got a Blue Moon to cool off and tried the chopped salad that Adam got to start off with. then for my dinner I got the Ham and Brie melt which was Caramelized Onions, Apples, with Sweet Potato Fries, Lingonberry Sauce on the side. It was so tasty, I have never had Brie before and really enjoyed it. The flavors of the whole sandwich went together so well. 05240917060524091718 0524091738 

After dinner we walked to the candy store where I picked up some chocolate covered dinner mints and a few dark chocolate malt balls. mmm We also went to Suzie's Hot Sauce to pick up our favorite yet a tad expensive Sloppy Joe mix. I can’t wait to have Sloppy Joe’s now!!! When we finally got home I made up some of Veggie Girl's Veganized Walnut Blondies. I made a few alterations like using regular flour, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. WOW These came out AWESOME! Thanks Veggie Girl for an awesome recipe, Adam’s family is going to love them!0524092110

I’m off to relax and listen/watch the thunder storm. Have a great night and enjoy your Memorial Day!!



  1. I'm dying to know what the ligonberry sauce tasted like.

    Mmm Blue Moon! So refreshing.

  2. It reminded me of a cranberryish sauce.. It was really good!!!