Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Rainy One!

Seriously this is crazy the rain has been off and on for days now! Its driving me nuts :-( This morning I was up and trying to go when my alarm went off. It was a slow moving kinda morning for me since it was COLD and dreary. I had the same bowl of cereal as yesterday and brought my mug of coffee with me to work. 007

The morning was quite nuts (won’t get into it!). So by the time lunch came I was ready to sit and relax. I had a Breyer’s Vanilla Yogurt with granola and pineapple and strawberries. MMMM I also had a few pretzels for SALT since I was craving it. (Damn time of the month!!) At snack time I had another handful of pretzels and a Hershey’s Kiss. After work I headed to the gym to get in a quick walk on the treadmill. I did about 2.25 miles and came home to get ready for our counseling session with the Pastor. I had some grapes and peanuts before heading out. We picked up coffees to keep us going through the session and Adam got a buttered bagel, I may have had 2 bites of this since I used to love them growing up!

When we finally got home around 7 I wasn’t hungry but knew I needed to eat. I had a Boca chicken patty with cheese and half a sweet potato with salsa. I also had a breadstick that I didn’t get a picture of.. I inhaled it.. opps! 009

Dessert was a Super Charge Me Cookie, gosh I love these things :) 020

I hope everyone had a great day.. 3 more to go!

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