Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great day with your families! Since I had my mommy’s day yesterday with my mom, I stopped by and said hi and dropped off her pb cookies to her and gave her a big hug and kiss! Breakfast this morning was a pear with cottage cheese and since it was smallish I had a piece of apple too ;) 003 002

Adam made an AWESOME omelet with potatoes, pork roll, cheese, and of course I stole a few bites.. It was very good!005

After breakfast and getting some things done we stopped at mom’s then headed up to the boardwalk for a nice walk! We did about 2 miles, it was so nice to get up there 2 days in a row!! I am so happy this nice weather looks like it is hear to stay! THANK GOD!!!

After we got home I watched some tv and had a Gnu Flavor and Fiber bar, I love these things! 


I also had a few handfuls of grapes since I knew we were eating an earlier dinner tonight. Around 3:30 we were off to Adam’s moms house to pick her up for dinner. We went to a new restaurant in Belmar called Tulipanos. They had a special Mother’s Day Menu and I got the Chicken Milanese. It had organic breaded chicken with a mix of baby greens, tomatoes, mozzarella and a few potatoes in a balsamic vinaigrette. OMG this was delish! 0510091657

Adam got The Duck in a Grand Mariner sauce.. wow! so good!


I think every dish looked and tasted amazing that everyone got! For dessert we shared a piece of cheesecake with apple crumb on top and a Crème Brule. I had a few bites of each with a decaf coffee.. THEY WERE SO FREAKING GOOD!! Put a fork in me I am DONE! My stomach is killing me now :( I just don’t know what my deal is.. I really didn’t eat much… oh well.. at least it tasted good! And I am going to the doctor on Wednesday so I can talk to him about these stomach pains!

How was your Mother’s day? what did you do? Hope you had a great one! See ya tomorrow :-D


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