Thursday, May 7, 2009

MMM Burger and Beer Night!

So waking up this morning was tough.. but knowing that I had a date with Adam at our new favorite restaurant tonight made it a little easier ;)

I got up and made up my bowl of cereal, Jumbo Rice Krispies, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, banana, cinnamon and light vanilla soymilk and of course my coffee to bring to work.002

I got to walk to work today! It wasn’t raining this morning so I thought I’d take the chance. Since its “Teacher Appreciation” week one of my mom’s brought in coffee cake from an awesome bakery a few towns away. I had to sneak a bite and brought the rest of the piece home for Adam. I walked home to get my car just incase at lunch and thank goodness I did! Lunch was the typical yogurt (Breyer’s Light Cherry) with granola and a side of pineapple. Once snack time hit I was hankering for something sweet and luckily there was an open container of mini Oreos that the kids were having so I snuck 3 :-D MMMM  After work I headed off to the gym, and did about 2 miles. I wanted to do more but my body is very achy :( My joints are killing me so I figured I shouldn’t push it! I came home and relaxed a bit snacked on a few almonds and got myself pretty to go out.

Dinner was a Western Burger (BBQ sauce, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese) and sweet potato fries. I also had some of Adam’s salad and 1 /2 Miller Lites. I love going to The Porch for 1/2 price burgers :) It was so nice to sit and relax and just talk about our days and be waited on! lol 0507091800 0507091843

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of my burger so this is when I was done with it!  Can you believe how huge it is?!?!?! there must have been a half pound of bacon on this bad boy!!

Once home I cleaned up a bit and had a Super Charge Me Cookie even though I was full.. Darn beers make me eat when I’m not hungry at all.. haha003

Do you have any good plans for the weekend? We are planning another “date” night at Barnes and Nobles. I love getting a coffee and reading some trashy magazines! Have a great night :)

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