Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hiya guys! Well thankfully the doctor flew by :-D Before I left I had some apple and pear with cottage cheese (what I had left in the fridge that I cut up a few days ago!) I also brought a Cliff Bar with me since I was heading the to the gym after the dr. Before I headed out I also had about 6 almonds just for some more protein.002 001

I was only at the dr. for about 20 minutes and was on my way to the gym. I did  2 miles on the treadmill and lifted and headed home with a tummy ache :( GRR I came home and relaxed for a bit and since Adam had gotten out of work early we went for a walk on the Manasquan blacktop or boardwalk if you want to call it that ;) We also went food shopping and stopped at my parents house to pick up some home made stuffed peppers from daddy! He takes such good care of us! :) Thanks Daddy! Once home and showered I made up a Lean Cuisine Roasted Veggie Pizza. I wanted comfort food since I was cranky. I also added a bit more sauce and cheese to it and some bread and butter pickles on the side :-D 003

I then wanted to bake since it equals stress relief in my world. I  made Happy Herbivore's Black Bean Brownies and they came out pretty good! I expected them to be gross but they tasted like bananas. I think if I put some frosting on them Adam will eat them up!! 004

lol I’m off to relax and take some Benadryl so I can sleep/breath tonight!

3 days down only 2 more to go! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. love that black bean brownie, it looks delicious!
    nice blog :)

  2. Beans in brownies! That's crazy. I like it, though.

    Mmm pickles with pizza. That sounds delicious. Have you ever dipped pizze in hot sauce? So good.

  3. Did my comment go through?

  4. I've never had pizza in hot sauce but I have been known to dip it in ranch dressing when I was younger!