Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rainy Wednesday….

Yo Yo Yo Girlies :)

Lets see… woke up this morning very stuffy.. darn allergies are kicking some booty! I had a GNU Cinnamon Raisin Bar and some pineapple for breakfast this morning. This is my second favorite bar by them! If you haven’t tried it you should!!!!002 001

I also brought my mug o’ coffee with me to work. The morning went well since we were able to get outside for a good half hour. I missed going outside for so long! Before I knew it it was lunch time and I was ready for some eats. I had a Dannon Light and Fit Cherry with some granola, and lots of pineapple. At snack time I caved and had a chocolate chip cookie.. MMM

After work I snacked on some more pineapple and some grapes and headed to the gym. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights and headed over to my parents to visit for a few. Mom was shoving food at me.. lol She gave me a bagel since she bought a dozen (my brother eats bagels almost 2x a day!) and some cream cheese. They also gave me some pizza for Adam!! Do they think we are wasting away or something?!?!? hahah

I came home relaxed for a few and showered, checked my email then made a pb&j on rye bread for din din with the last piece of a pepper that was in the fridge and some Stacy’s Pita chips. I also had a forkful of Adam’s rice and beans and a piece of his chicken. Had to make sure it was safe for him to be eating :-P


After dinner I cut out tons of stuff for work.. just the way I enjoy spending my nights.. hahah then I had 2 bites of some cake that mommy made a one of my cookies. YUM YUM ! I’m now off to watch “I Get That Alot” on CBS. It had stars pretending to be “everyday” people.. Have a great night! The weekend is almost here!

008(and yes that is a Halloween napkin!! LOL)

And before I forget! here’s a picture of the goodies I received in the mail! Thanks Honest Foods and Quaker!!!007  005


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