Monday, April 13, 2009

Boring Monday Off….

Hiya all!

After cleaning up from baking my banana bread and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors, I headed to my friends to feed the kitty and gym it up! I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and lifted, I then came home to veg for the rest of the day. After getting out of the shower I made up a small lunch of a yogurt with lots of granola with pineapple and carrots on the side. (I had more on the plate before I took the picture) 024 023

I borrowed 27 Dresses from my friend to watch and it was broken! I got about 30 minutes in and it started back at the beginning! I was so upset, it seemed like a really cute movie! I plan on renting it soon ;)

Since that was a bust I went out to check for my mail and guess what I got!!! A box from Naturally Nutty!!! I was so excited! Thanks so much to Katie for sending me some fun nut butters to try! She told me to pick out 2 so I picked the Mocha Peanut Butter and the White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter and she send me a Buttered Toffee one to try also! I can’t wait to finish up some of my open nut butters to tear into these!!!  


Throughout the afternoon I snacked on tons of grapes and a Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bar. 029

MMM The highlight of my afternoon was my brother stopping by and hanging out for about an hour which is a record breaker.. hahah I guess I was cool enough to hang out with today ;) Around 5ish I was starving and made my dinner since I knew Adam had to work really late tonight. I made a pb&j on Pepperidge Farm Light bread. It was pretty tiny so I put lots of pb and jelly on it ;) I had the rest of my sweet potato fries and a pickle.. oh and a few Doritos… There was only one left on my plate when I got my camera out to take a picture.. 


After dinner I took the garbage out and went and fed the kitty. She came and sat on my lap for a bit and purred.. makes me want one!!! But Adam says no :-(  When I got back I made up a 100 calorie bag of Kettle corn.


That really hit the spot, let me tell ya! Once Adam finally got home I heated up his dinner and after he showered I made him up a bowl of cake and icecream since he work at 11.5 hour day !! YUCK! I’m now off to watch The Big Bang Theory with my sweetie.. Back to the old grind tomorrow.. at least its a short week!!! :-D  HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!

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  1. mm, that Naturally Nutty PB looks awesome!!!

    And definitely rent 27 Dresses - it is so cute!