Thursday, April 16, 2009

And The Saga Continues….

Good Evening all!

Lets see.. I woke up early this morning and dragged myself out of bed to get my day started. I made up my bowl of cereal (same as yesterday) and ate that up like someone was going to take it away from me! I also ate some grapes, about 2 handfuls since I was munchy. I got ready and was off to feed the kitty and walk to work. I brought a cup of coffee with me on my trek since I knew we’d have a room full of kiddies today! The morning was nutty but at least we got outside, which definitely helps.


Once lunch hit I was hungry and ready to chat with my co-workers about the craziness going on at work. It was a nice lunch where we all got to vent our feelings out. I had my Dannon Light and Fit with granola and about a cup of pineapple.  

myfoods 090

myfoods 065

I may have also picked on a chocolate cupcake that really wasn’t good but I snacked on since it was there.. UGH. The afternoon was nice because I just took the kids outside since they were crazy and I knew I wouldn’t get anything done with them.. hello spring fever!! I walked home after work, snacked on more grapes and peanuts and headed to the gym. There I did 2.25 miles and came home to check out the new reality show "The Cougar” I had gotten a text at work from a friend saying a guy I grew up with was on it… Not that I was surprised.. he’s a piece of work… I had to come home and check it out though. so I ate some more grapes and watched it.. too funny! If you liked to check it out his name is Jon..

Onto dinner I had leftover veggie pizza that I had frozen god only knows how long ago… I had a pickle and some green peppers on the side.. I also had tomato sauce for dipping ;)


After I was done I saw an open bag of Doritos (thanks Adam) and snacked on a few.. it was a snacky kinda day.. I guess you just need those every once in a while. After dinner I ran out to pick up things for our “round robin day” at work next week. I am baking well not really I’m baking and they get to decorate the sugar cookies. It should be a lot of fun! Once we got home I cut up a HUGE apple and had 2 pieces with peanut butter.. MMM After the first I just had to have another ;) Even though I wasn’t very hungry it just hit the spot. 010

I’m off to relax and rest up for tomorrow! We are going out for my friends bday tomorrow night.. its $1 drinks from 9-11.. I have a feeling its gonna be a CRAZY NIGHT!!

Hope your Friday work day flies by! See you tomorrow!

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