Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 More Days To Go!!

SO I barely slept last night thanks to hormones and my brain going a mile a minute! I hate when that happens…. I got up at 7:30 I must’ve just fallen back to sleep before it went off :( and got ready for work. I brewed up some coffee and made a bowl of Wheat and Bran cereal with some Golden Grahams, banana and light vanilla soymilk warmed up in the microwave.. I think I am in love with this combo… it perked me up a bit.. well as much as it could.. I brought my mug of coffee with me and was totally dreading my day.  

moms camera 143


Luckily it turned out much better than expected!! The morning didn’t fly by as fast as I would’ve liked but it went fast enough. By lunch I was starving and had a Yoplait thick and creamy vanilla with some homemade granola and a pink lady apple.

moms camera 037

MMM Snack time came and I caved for 2 chocolate chip cookies… I can’t wait until these are GONE!!! hahah I got out of work at 3:45ish and headed to the gym. Thanks to hormones I was slower than normal and not really pushing myself at all.. I wanted to do more than 2.25 miles but that was all I could make myself do. I then went to visit daddy and mommy. Mommy tempted me with cheesecake while I was there and had a few bites.. I think she thinks I am wasting away… hahah

I came home put some sweet potato fries in the oven and hopped in the shower. Adam kept an eye on them for me (he’s such a sweetie) I decided on a Barney butter and jelly sammy on an Arnold sandwich thin, with some pickles on the side. The Barney Butter was AWESOME! I really enjoyed it a lot, it was so creamy and tasty. 002

After doing some work I made up some pudding/mousse with skim milk and cool whip and had more than my fair share. (no pictures… oopps) I’m now watching American Idol with Adam and hoping I get a good night sleep in. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday! See you tomorrow night!

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