Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling BLAH!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.. After work, gym and showering I headed off to meet with the Pastor to start our “counseling” it actually went really well! Thank goodness :) but onto today..

I woke up with my alarm at 7:30 and hopped to it. I had my bowl of Post Wheat and Bran with some Golden Grahams, banana, cinnamon and light soymilk. I also brought a nice big old cup of coffee with me. 


My stomach just hasn’t been feeling right since last night and its getting worse each day. I feel like I have a bolder sitting in it! WTF? I tried to stay cheerful while having the whole school decorate cookies, since it was round robin day. I had each class come to me and we took sugar cookies and decorated them with frosting, sprinkles, and chocolate chips! It was a HUGE hit! The kids loved it and it was so much fun :) Lunch time came and I wasn’t really in the mood to eat bug figured I might as well.. I wanted to walk home just to get some fresh air but I was just feeling icky so lunch and sitting it was! I had a Dannon Light and Fit with granola and a bunch of pineapple. (I ate some of the pineapple before taking a picture)myfoods 090 myfoods 065

Then on top of my belly not being happy one of my coworkers brought in a devils food cake with chocolate chips and a chocolate glaze which I of course had to try… I had a few bites then tossed it.. boy was it good though!

After work I was off to the gym, I did 2.5 miles and headed home. I picked up Adam and headed to the super market to pick up a couple things. I dropped a cake off to the parents that they wanted me to pick up, then came home and showered. I was not even hungry yet and it was after 6pm!!! SHOCKER RIGHT?!?!!? We settled on salads with tuna tonight for dinner. I had lettuce, red peppers, celery, red onion, cucumbers, croutons and tuna with some red Russian dressing. 


MMM Totally hit the spot! I also had about a hand full or so of peanuts for some more protein. I then was craving chocolate! Surprised?!? So I had a few chocolate covered peanuts and almonds. I’m now sitting and trying to relax since I feel awful! The pains just won’t go away :( and I know the crap I ate today didn’t help!!!!!!!!!!!! When will I learn? I am just trying to soothe myself with foods that just make me feel MISERABLE! ugh!

Sorry to be Debbie Downer today.. Hope you all had a great day! Oh and on an exciting note and Shoprite today I found the new Hungry Girl Book 200 Under 200!! It seems to have some great fun recipes to try out :) 


See everyone tomorrow!

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