Monday, April 27, 2009

We’re Having a Heat wave!!

OMG these past few days have been HOT HOT HOT! I think mother nature forgot spring and jumped right into summer here at the Jersey Shore. Sorry I did not post this weekend but with not feeling great it hasn’t been too exciting.. I did get up to the boardwalk everyday though so that made me happy! I figured the fresh air would be good for whatever was in my system. Unfortunately I gave it to Adam and he got in 200x worse.. We had a BBQ at his mom’s house last night with some of his family and when we got home he was complaining that he felt extremely “full” I said utoh watch out that is how I felt.. and within a couple hours he was uberly sick! I was up most of the night making sure he made it in and out of bed/bathroom ok. poor guy! Boy am I lucky I have an awesome immune system, and only felt crappy.. hah

I’ll just give ya a picture show of some of the eats since Friday.

Onto the eats today, breakfast was my usual bowl of cereal Post Wheat and Bran with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch, a banana, cinnamon and Light Silk Soymilk. I also brought my coffee on my walk to work which was much needed after my night of not sleeping!

014 013

I could have used a coffee iv today! We were outside for some of the morning and it was gorgeous, not too hot at all. Once lunch hit I was hungry so I had a La Yogurt with granola, and pineapple and strawberries on the side. I also sneaked a few pretzels for something salty.

I stayed at work until about 4 then walked home to get ready for the gym and check on my sick puppy. He was alive thank goodness! We talked for a few and I was off to the gym, I did snack on 2 handfuls of grapes and some almonds while we were chatting. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and lifted then came home. Adam finally got me on his insurance since I haven’t had any after leaving my last job. I was so angry I was going to have to pay 200 bucks to go to the “girlie” doctor in a few weeks. We talked to his cousin who is head of human resources at his job and got everything worked out!!!! Now I can find out what my belly deal is :-D I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After reading about the insurance I made up a Lean Cuisine Panini and had some sweet potato fries. YUMO :-D 016 015

I may have also snacked on some raisins too while cleaning up a bit. After dinner I did some things for work and cleaned the bathroom to disinfect it after the sickness going on last night. I am a happy camper now to have a clean potty again :-D I think I’m going to get something to snack on, not sure what yet I’ll let ya know tomorrow! I hope wherever you are is as great as it here in good old Jersey :-D Oh wait I just decided on some apple with pb x2.017

MMMMM have a great night!

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