Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi Everyone.. I went to bed very early last night feeling HORRBILE!! migraine+stomachache and nausea= unhappy Meggy! So instead of showing you my boring eats I thought I’d finally get to my food reviews!!!

ok first up Honest Foods They were nice enough to send tons of goodies for me to try out! :) thanks so much again! hmm where do I start?

The planks were so good! They come in Maple Almond Crunch, Blueberry Vanilla Crackle and Pomegranate Walnut Crisp. My fav was the Blueberry! These were great mixed into yogurt and oatmeal and to top it off I found out my local health food store sells them now, I plan on picking up a few when I have some extra dough in my pocket ;)

They also sent me samples of their bars, which come in Almond Trail mix (this was my absolute favorite!!), Apple Ginger, Chocolate Ginger and Cran Lemon Zest.

These were awesome too, I would just snack on them at work when I got munchy (which is often in my world!) I would definitely recommend these if you ever see them in your local stores or you can buy them on their website :)

Next up! The people at Odwalla sent me a free coupon! I tried out their Original Superfood Drink and let me tell you that even though it may be green its so good! I was nice enough to let Adam try it out and he was very surprised by the taste.. He saw the color and thought sucking on a lawnmower but he was pleasantly surprised!! :)

Last Monday when I was on my mini Easter Vacation from work I was so excited to get my box from Naturally Nutty ! I love me some nut butters so I just could not wait to get my paws into this box :) I tried the White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter first. OMG I was eating this straight out the the jar, SO FREAKING GOOD!!! 


Next up was the Mocha Peanut Butter, wow they have another winner here! It wasn’t an over powering coffee flavor but I thought the flavors melded very well together. Once again eaten out of the jar and on some apples! 


And last but not least the Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, at first I was like hmm might not like this much because I am not a big fan of toffee.. but wow was I surprised! It reminded both Adam and I of peanut butter from our childhood.. just don’t ask which one! lol and even better was this one is healthy and you know the one we were eating when we were little def wasn’t!! :-P I think when I finish up all the nut butters I have in my pantry.. there must be 7 in there I will be buying more of these to try out!!! Thanks again to Naturally Nutty! Your Nut Butters are AMAZING!

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