Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank Goodness Today is OVER!

Hiya all! I woke up this morning to Adam talking on the phone saying he’d see someone tomorrow. I then knew it was once again yucky out and he’d be stuck at home not working :( I got up around 7:20 after talking to him for a few (since he came back to bed). I made up a bowl of Post Wheat and Bran with Golden Grahams, banana, cinnamon and tons of light vanilla soymilk. I didn’t realize how much I poured into the bowl.. oh well.. I also had my mug of coffee with me for my trek to feed the kitty down the street and go to work. 



This morning dragged on once again, even worse than yesterday! I found out one of my co workers, who does the afternoons with me was sick. Lunch came and I was starving, thanks to me stressing over workage. I had the same as yesterday since it filled me up. 3/4 cup whipped cottage cheese and a huge pink lady apple (these have been so good from Wegman’s) I also had 2 handfuls of goldfish pretzels and at snack I had a piece of chocolate since it was calling me :-P

myfoods 062[2]

I was hoping I was not going to have to stay until 6 at night because that is one LONG ASS day with little kids! haha After lots of craziness, the high school girl came in at 3 (her usual hours) and I stayed until 4ish trying to get things under control for her.

I got to the gym and did about 2.25 miles on the treadmill while reading some trashy gossip mags and listening to my Ipod, I also lifted a bit. I came home got Adam and we headed off to Shoprite since they had grapes, Boca burgers and Silk soymilk on sale! woohoo :-D  We came home and while Adam got his breakfast for dinner ready I showered. I had a defrosted Chickpea patty from Vcon and a half of a sweet potato with lots of salsa. SO SO GOOD!!! 004 002 003

I may have also had a bite or 2 of Adam’s GIANT pork roll, egg and cheese sammy on a tasty hard roll. If your not from Jersey or have never visited this is the true breakfast of a Jersey Gal/Guy. I used to live on pork roll.. but now I only have a bite of Adam’s every now and then or maybe one sandwich a year. But boy is it worth the wait :-D I got a few things done around the apartment and talked to my cousin about my bridal shower. After that I snacked on more Kettle Corn and pineapple and now I finally get to relax a bit! myfoods 090_thumb[1] 004[3]

I saw its going to be gorgeous this weekend!!! Do you have any plans?!?!?  Adam and I plan on spending it outside doing some fun things.. I hope it all pans out! I miss playing outside!

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  1. i hope your weekend goes well! i'm going to a fair!