Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend!

Sorry that I haven’t been around this weekend! Friday night we went shopping at the new Kohl’s that opened near our house then stopped off at the bar down the street to get a beer. Needless to say I am a big old light-weight! I had 1 Blue Moon and was very tipsy!! hahahah I ordered a Miller Lite but only drank about a 1/4 and gave the rest to Adam.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like DEATH! I barely slept and my allergies were kicking my arse :-( not fun! I had a Chobani Vanilla Greek yogurt bowl with berries and cereal and of course some coffee to get myself going… 005 004

I dragged myself to the gym to do a quick 2.5 miles and tried to sweat out all that beer.. lol I came home and got ready to go to the Easter Egg hunt at Bar A. This is where Adam and I first met, and we don’t really go there very often since its usually out of control there! It was a nice but windy day and we had fun with his friends and their daughter. I had a burger there since I was starving by 1:30. I had brought a protein bar with me but figured what the hell.. splurge on the crappy burger, which I INHALED with some macaroni salad. It totally hit the spot! We ran some errands after we left going to Wegman’s to pick up a few things.

We came home to finally relax and I had a nice light dinner of salad with roasted red pepper hummus and some croutons. I also had half of a sweet potato with salsa. 007 006

Dessert was some apples with chocolate pb2 after trying the new Lindt 99% dark chocolate that I got. WOW is that BITTER! not a good choice! I LOVE dark chocolate.. but it was way too much.. haha.. oh well live and learn ;)

Onto today!! I woke after a nice Benadryl coma and made a bowl of Post Wheat and Bran Cereal with some Golden Grahams and a banana with Light Vanilla soymilk. I also had a mug of coffee in my Caldwell Alumni mug :-D 009 008

I cleaned up a bit and got ready to go see some animals at Howell Living Farm, we’ve been here once before and it is absolutely beautiful. It doesn’t seem like we are in Jersey at all!! hahah We got to see lots of very cute animals. 047 017 027 038 039 043 044

We then went to The Cracker Barrel and let me tell you I was starving! So when we pulled in and saw the parking lot packed I panicked. I could tell my blood sugar was getting low, and it wouldn’t be pretty if I waited too much longer for some grub! Luckily we only had to wait about 2 minutes to be called to our table.. I got the Chicken Tenderloin plate, with a side salad and fries. I split my salad with Adam had 2 pieces of chicken and 1/2 the fries. I also had a biscuit that I forgot to take a picture of.. OOPPS! After eating I was stuffed! 0405091355 0405091344

My belly is all sorts of confused.. hahah There was a Walmart in the same shopping center so we went and picked up some paper products and came home to relax :-D

Once home I snacked on tons of grapes and pineapple since I was craving something sweet. Once it was time for dinner I decided to go light and have strawberry banana yogurt with some granola and an orange. I completely forgot to take pictures tonight! BAD BAD BLOGGER! For dessert I had a piece of chocolate ok maybe 3.. and a half of an apple with pb2. MMM I am now off to watch some tv and take some Benadryl so I can breathe/sleep tonight. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

See ya tomorrow :-D

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