Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Weekend Is Almost Here!!

Only one more day to go! I didn’t sleep well again last night, so I was up before my alarm and started getting ready. I made a bowl of cereal (same as yesterday) and some coffee to bring to work with me.



It was a nice and quiet day in my room, thank goodness because tomorrow is going to be CHAOS!!! lol At lunch time I walked home to pick up my car since this morning I didn’t hear anything about rain.. but it wasn’t looking too nice out and I didn’t want to chance it. Once I came back I had a yogurt with granola and an apple. MMMM At snack I had an animal cracker and a few jelly beans… Even though they were the crappy kind they made me happy :-D 010


Once 3:30 came around I was out the door and snacking on some pineapple on way way to the gym. I did about 2 miles maybe a bit more on the treadmill and lifted and came home to get Adam to go and pick up my meds and some fruit at the store. (God forbid I got without grapes) hahah

We came home and got to getting din din ready. We had Chicken Cordon Bleu from dad. ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I took a few cold sweet potato fries out of the fridge and had a yummy salad. 007


This dinner really made my belly happy!! YUMO! I cleaned up the fridge (it looked like something leaked.. YUCK!) and checked my emails. I then snacked on 2 spoonfuls of ice cream that Adam so nicely shared with me, and another apple.. Everyone is getting sick so lets hope that eating 2 apples a day really keeps the doctor away :-D

I’m off to rest up for my busy day with 13 2 and 3 year olds.. Its our “holiday” party so they will be very sugared up! lets hope its nice out to let them run it off! hahah have great night :) wish me luck!

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