Friday, April 10, 2009

Much Needed Night Out Recap!

Hey there Bloggies! Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday but after work and the gym I got ready and Adam and I went out to dinner! Here’s a recap of my busy day…

Breakfast was a bowl of my usual cereal as of late… Post Wheat and Bran cereal with some Golden Grahams, a banana, cinnamon and light vanilla soymilk. I also had 2 cups of coffee because I woke up at 6, not being able to sleep…002[3]


The morning WAS NUTS!! 2 year olds + lots of sugar = HELL!! hahah so needless to say I was non stop all morning. I snacked on some fruit from out party but was totally ready for my lunch at 12. I had a Yoplait with a granola and a cup of fruit from the party. I also may have had a chocolate that one of the parents gave to the teachers ;) 


I walked home after work, ate a handful of peanuts and grapes and headed off to the gym. I did 2.25 miles on the treadmill and came home, picked up my friends keys from under her mat. She lives in my complex and I’m going over to feed and play with her cat while she’s away. I showered and got ready and Adam and I headed to the porch for dinner and some much needed drinks!

We decided on 2 for 1 burger night at The Porch. They have the best burgers around!!! I got a Miller Lite and a Pizza Burger (forgot to take a pic of the burger) it came with lots of tasty fries and yummy coleslaw. I ate about half of it, had a few bites of Adam’s salad, and a bite of his BBQ burger. I also may have gotten a cosmo when I finished my beer, and maybe a few sips of Adam’s Grand Marnier.. lol Needless to say I was MIGHTY tipsy! but very happy! I came home and ate way too many bites of cake and then plopped on the couch with my sweetie.   0409091844a 0409091804 0409091844

It’s kind of funny how I remembered to take pictures of my drinks.. but not my food.. hahah I guess you can see what was more important last night ;)

I’ll be back later for my breakfast post… I’m still trying to decide on what to have.. even though I’ve been up since 5:30 and have had more than enough time to think about it.. haha

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