Monday, March 2, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!

I originally took today off from work but ended up having a snow day anyway! We found out last night around 9ish.. I can't believe we got a foot of snow at the Jersey Shore!!! Its exciting but a pain all at the same time. I got up around 8:15 and was so happy to have slept the whole night :)

I made some coffee and a nice bowl of oats. Then I got to making that yummy Irish Soda bread, I kept some for us and gave one to my parents and one to Adam's mom. We then went out and cleaned off the 3 cars which took almost an hour to do! YUCK! Thank goodness the wind wasn't too bad at that moment.. Around 1 I started to get hungry so I had a Yoplait Cinnamon Roll yogurt (not my favorite too sweet!!) and a pear. I also tried a piece of the bread to make sure no one gets sick :-P I cleaned a bit then we took Adam's work truck out to the store from some eggs and bread, and stopped by my parents to drop off the soda bread. I got some stuff done for work then showered and got dinner together. We had some leftover sloppy joes with sweet and regular fries that we made.. MMMM so good! I also had a pickle on the side. Dessert was a chocolate covered peanut and an almond Hershey's kiss... YUM YUM! I am off to relax and watch tv with Adam.. Have a great night guys :-D

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