Monday, March 9, 2009

Once Again M.I.A.

Sorry guys! I have been feeling very very icky the past few days.. and I'm just down and out.. I have a cold and my stomach has been acting up BIG time! I did get a new computer though which I have been playing with to try and keep my mind off my belly issues! (not really working though) grrr
Here is my problem, I don't have insurance I lost it when I quit my job last summer and I have to wait until I am married to get Adam's. Needless to say it looks like I may be suffering for 8 more months unless this clears up!

Today I made myself eat a bowl of cereal just so I cold take some cold meds, me not hungry in the morning?!?!? unheard of!!! lol Lunch wasn't much at all.. I had a few bites of a pear and a spoonful of cottage cheese. Our girl scout cookies came in and I tried the new dulce de leche which I knew was a bad idea but did it anyway! I figured I'm miserable anyway.. might as well eat something tasty :-p On my way to the gym I was still not hungry but ate some more of my pear and cottage cheese just because I knew I didn't some calories in me to get through the gym! I keep hoping moving around will work out the pain and discomfort, but NO! I mean I always feel good after the gym it just didn't help the rocks in the belly feeling go away :( I did watch Oprah though and it had Ruby on.. She is such an amazing person and I totally look up to her! She is so upbeat and happy! I just love it :-D I came home after 2.5 miles on the treadmill and lifting... complained to Adam.. Ate a handful of grapes just because and showered. We ran out to the supermarket since the fridge went crazy and out veggies for salads FROZE!! UGH I picked up some things to make a garlic tomato soup recipe that I got from a coworker. I think that will be tomorrows project. Dinner was a piece of red pepper from Adam's salad.. a sunbutter and jelly sammy on ww, and a few leftover sweet potato fries from out dinner out on Saturday. (I ate a few before I took the pic)

After dinner I made some granola, it came out pretty good. Nothing amazing but it is tasty.. I'll have to find the recipe since I put it away after I finished cleaning up. I had a handful of it to make sure it was "safe" and then 2 bites of a brownie since I needed chocolate since it makes everything better.. hahaha oh well I'm off to just try to breath and relax (people think my belly issues are stress related) Who knows!!! Hope you all had a great Monday and see you tomorrow.

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