Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once Again....

Hey Girlies
Sorry I haven't been around.. Dad was in the hospital again.. He was having chest pains... so needless to say there has not been too much picture taking.. After getting a phone call yesterday that they had given him nitroglycerin, it dropped his blood pressure so low that he passed out.. NOT GOOD! So I decided I needed a drink and some stress therapy.. Also known as going out and buying play dough to squeeze the crap out of.. lol yes this is why I'm a preschool teacher... malibu/diet coke and play dough are my stress relievers... ahhaha on a good note daddy is home.. but still no answers.. they have put in for him to get lots of tests done as an outpatient though.. so please keep your fingers crossed that they find something! Hope everyone had a great weekend.. I'll be back to blogging tomorrow :)

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