Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick Tuesday!

Wow today totally flew by and I am not complaining at all!! I was dreading it since I got done with work at 3:30 but had a meeting at 4 :( Luckily it was quick and painless!!
Onto today's eats:
Breakfast was a bowl of oats (usual but with some Pure Protein in Chocolate) added in.. MMM chocolate in the morning!!! I also brought my mug of coffee on my walk with me. It was in the high 20's but I didn't know if I'd have the energy to head to the gym after my meeting so I figured any walking would be something. The morning flew by and before I knew it, it was lunch time! I walked home to pick up my car, get more coffee and snack on some grapes before I headed back and had some lunch. I had a yogurt with some of my granola and cantaloupe on the side. I also had a few bites of pizza since it was pizza day.. Oh how I love working with kids! hehe

After work I had a cookie and more cantaloupe on my way to the gym. I did a quick 2 miles while watching the end of Oprah and a bit of Tyra and came home to shower and inhale some din din :)

While getting my salad and sweet potato I had tons of grapes and some pretzels.. I had the same salad as a few night ago with a small piece of sweet potato and Newman's Own Salsa. MMM MM GOOD! For dessert I had a piece of chocolate (not pictured) and some apple with some PB2. I had mixed some of the pb up on Friday and tried it plain and wasn't thrilled.. I think my expectations were set a bit high from everyones blogs. I decided to try it again with an apple and really liked it this time!I think I'll be buying a 4 pack from their website. I just got off the phone with my cousin, we were talking about the wedding and about her baby shower! She is due in August. I'm off to watch some Real Housewives on NY and go to bed! Have a great night :-D

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  1. I just was not that impressed with PB2 it just did not have the same very nutty or creamy texture to it. I found that I had to either eat it with something or mix in a ton of cinnamon. I am so glad that you like it though!