Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi Guys! I'm back :-D
Things have just been a bit nutty here... but oh well.. that's life right? I'll start off with last night since we celebrated Adam's Birthday with his family. We went to the in Point Pleasant NJ. We have been there once before and the food is great! They give HUGE portions.. I wish I would have taken pictures, but my mind was on other things.. and trying to happy.. For our apps we got the onion loaf which is onions rings but in the shape of a loaf! I had one little onion ring since I really try to not each too many fried things.. I also tried a bit of a spicy pub pickle which is a fried pickle, this was actually pretty good.. and then we got some bbq nachos, they were great! I had a few chips and it came with pulled bbq pork on them and cheese and hot peppers.. MMM I was full just after snacking on those!! hahah I got the Mango BBQ Pork it comes with cornbread and 2 sides I got tator tots and hot cinnamon apples. This was AMAZING! but way too much food for a unhappy/stressed belly. I brought TONS of leftovers home so we will be eating these again, and I'll have some pictures for ya ;)

Onto today, I had a bowl of Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters, Trader Joe's Raisin Bran and a banana with cinnamon and skim milk. I also brought my coffee with me on my walk to work today. The morning flew by and was great! The kids were so cute and good today.. (KNOCK ON WOOD!) Lunch came and I was starting to get hungry, so I had a light Wegman's blueberry yogurt with some of my homemade granola and pineapple on the side. One of my coworkers made a pistachio cake so I tried a couple bites of it.. it was really good so I took the recipe (Adam loves pistachios). I walked home and snacked on a 2 handfuls of grapes and was off to the gym. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and weights and came home. Adam and I then ran to see daddy and say hi! I just had to give him a big ol' hug.. We then went to Dunkin Donuts so I could get the kiddies munchins for St. Patrick's day :)

We came home, I showered and made up a salad with romaine, cucs, green peppers, red onions, roasted red peppers, croutons, and tuna. I put some Catalina dressing on it (this was my favorite dressing growing up!) I got some things done around the apartment and sat down with a brownie and frosting. JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! I am now off to digest and catch up on blog reading.. Hope you all had a great day! See you tomorrow.

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