Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

OMG the roads were so bad this morning! Thank goodness for only having to go around the block! HAHA This morning I was up before the alarm as usual and started to get ready in hopes my car would start.. I made up a bowl of oats with an extremely ripe nanner... It was so creamy and tasty...mmmmm mmm good! I also brought a mug of coffee with me to warm me up since it was 11 degrees out.

There were only 6 kids in my class today which was extremely nice. Luckily the morning flew by and it was time for lunch and boy was I hungry, I had a Dannon Light and Fit with a pear and some froot loops.. so so good! It was one of the kids birthday so I also had a chocolate munchin for snack.. After work I went to the gym and did 2.25 miles on the treadmill while watching Oprah, and then did some weights.

I came home and did some things around here, and cut up some veggies for my salad.. talked on the phone with my friend Kelli, showered then ate. I had a salad with lots of veggies, hummus, croutons and the last of my Newman's Asian dressing. I also had some leftover sweet tater fries that I burnt in my toaster! UGH! It totally smelled like smoke, so I opened up the windows even though its freezing and lit some candles.. now it smells delish :-D

I was in the candy mood so I had some chocolate covered peanuts (pic x2) lol. Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday.

Do you have anything exciting going on this week?

I have a work meeting tomorrow and then my brother's fashion show for the Academy of Finance that he is in.. It should be fun!

See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. ha those chocolate covered peanuts looks so cute. If that was me eating them I would have about 20 of them.... ekkk.

  2. hahah I'm really trying to make them last!!! They are from Harry and David's and are so TASTY! ;)