Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is It a Full Moon???

Good Evening Chickies!

I woke up this morning not too hungry again since my belly is still messed up! I had some oats just to have something in me to take some cold meds for my head and because I knew it would be a busy morning at work. I walked there since it was somewhat warm and sunny, and brought a mug of coffee with me for some energy :) Well the kids were NUTS today.. I don't know what it was but I didn't like it at all. Lunch came finally and I was actually hungry for it, I had a Yoplait thick and creamy and a pear and grapes. This did the trick and made me happy, until snack time when I was putting out the cookies and caved.. ehheh

I walked home and got ready for the gym and snacked on a few peanuts and grapes before leaving. I did a little over 2 miles on the treadmill watching Oprah, Dr. Oz was on and it was pretty interesting! I wanted to watch more but my stomach was really hurting so I decided to leave before it got any worse.

I came home showered and set Adam up to finish the questionnaire for our wedding prep class. I settled on something light for dinner a half of sweet potato with some Newman's Own Salsa and a salad with hummus and some balsamic vinegar. This totally hit the spot! I also might have snacked on some leftover sweet potato fries that were in the fridge calling my name.. My friend called me after dinner to give me the run down for our Girl's Night Happy Hour on Friday night to see Daddypop at Bar A. I painted my toenails as I chatted then when I was done decided on a brownie with some frosting for dessert just because.. :-D Oh and this plate was for Adam and I.. I only had one brownie ;)

I'm off to veg and watch some tv with the sweetie! Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

See ya tomorrow

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