Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Weekend ;-D

Hey bloggies ;)
How's it going? Sorry I haven't been around It was a busy weekend and today I ran around in the morning and vegged out/baked this afternoon... Sometimes you just need to shut off the technology and enjoy quiet!

I start out with yesterday's eats..

After Friday night's fun of a jager shot before we left and 2.5 beers I was hurting a bit in the morning.. yes I am a LIGHTWEIGHT!!!!! hahah and a cheap date ;) Breakfast was Kashi Raisin Spice Heart to Heart oatmeal with a nice mug of coffee.. MMMI went to the gym to try and sweat out some of the beer and did a quick 2 miles (this was a tough 2 miles on 5 hours of sleep). I then went to my parents just to say hi and ended up baking up some brownies for them.. and eating lots of batter.. This can cure any hangover.. hahaha I came home showered and got ready for the fundraiser/chinese auction for Adam's cousins' cheering squad. Before leaving I had some lunch of Tuna with reduced fat mayo and red onion mixed in and half of a sweet potato with salsa... YUM YUM!!!
I had a diet coke once we got to the bar for the auction, since the thought of alcohol made me quesy.. We then decided to go out to dinner to the best pizza place at the Jersey Shore! We left around 5 to get there as soon as we could.. since the wait is usually INSANE! For the first time in a long time we only waited maybe 5 minutes and got a table!! We were very excited... Adam got a salad since he was hungry and I picked a bit on it until our delish pizza.. We got peppers/mushrooms on the whole pizza and Adam got sausage on his half too. I had 2 pieces and was SO FULL!! but oh man was it good and totally hit the spot :-D We then went and walked around Target and hit up Wegman's for some food for the week :) I came home and snacked on a brownie but forgot to take a picture... OOPPS haha

I'll be back in a bit with today's post!!!

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