Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Day Over

Hi Everyone

Well we are one day closer to the weekend! Does anyone else find it bad that most people spend all week just waiting for the weekend? I really try not to, but I can't help it.. I've got to be more positive!

Onto this mornings eats! I woke up early since I've been drinking so much water lately :( potty was calling..ugh so I was up at 7 and read my email and made some breakfast. It was a bowl of oats (the normal ones) lol and brought a mug of coffee with me to energize! The morning flew by and before I knew it, it was lunch! I had cottage cheese with a pear and some pretzel rods.. I wanted something crunchy. I stomach is just not right still so I'm trying to eat light until it gets better. After work I went to the gym and did about 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights. I came home talked with Adam about our days and got in the shower.

Dinner for me was the other half of my sweet potato with Newman's Own Pineapple Salsa and a salad with onion, peppers, cucumbers, hummus and croutons with balsamic vinegar. I had to run out and pick up new books for the kids at the library and get some meds at the pharmacy. We came home and I had another brownie with frosting and some grapes.. lol not together!!! I'm off to watch the History Channel since they are talking about the Jersey Devil. Hope you all have a great night! See you tomorrow :-D

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