Wednesday, November 5, 2008


WOOHOO for teachers convention!! Even though I'm not going to AC I'm pretty happy :)
I didn't sleep too well last night and today I've felt like crap all day, I got up and had my usual bowl of cereal and my travel mug of coffee (coffee today was chocolate raspberry...MMM). Once I got to work though I felt HORRIBLE! My sinuses were killing me and I felt so nauseous. All I could think was NO I can't be getting sick I'm going away tomorrow, so I pushed through and made it through the day. Lunch was Whipped Cottage cheese and a huge apple which hit the spot, and about a half cup of honey nut cheerios. About an hour later I felt sick again :( One of my coworkers gave me some cristalized ginger to help and it did for a bit.
I then went to the gym and did about 35 minutes on the treadmill, I didn't go too fast since I was congested and a tad spacey. UGH
When I got home I snacked on a bunch of pineapple. I LOVE PINEAPPLE!!

For dinner I wanted something to make me feel better so I went the the health food store and picked up an vegan chicken salad sandwich that I had with some pickles, black olives, and some evil doritos.
After dinner we tried to go to walmart and target but Adam's car had some lights popping up on the dashboard so we had to turn around and come home :( So I had a piece of Low Fat fudge and a sour gummy worm, I figured since I felt yucky might as well eat what I want! hahha I just worked on some lesson plans and starting packing for New Hope PA tomorrow :)

I think I might take a benadryl and conk out for the night! I'll post my breakfast tomorrow morning but we plan on leaving around 1ish so I don't think I'll make a lunch post. I promise to have lots of pictures Saturday when I get back. See you in the morning!

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you don't feel good. I hope sleeping does the trick for you. Happy "Friday"!