Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holy Wind Batman!!

The wind kept me up all night last night :( I was so tired and went to bed early, but the wind was so strong it woke me up a million times. I finally got up around 8:30 and made some pumpkin spice coffee and waited for Adam to get up. I had a Pepperidge Farm Fruit and Grain bagel with Friendship Whipped Cottage cheese on it. I also ate a half of a banana while it was toasting (no pic). Around 10:30 I decided on going to the gym and did about 2 miles on about a 12% incline while reading the new People Magazine. I also did some weights for my arms and back while there. I came home and got ready to go to the new Outlets that opened near our house. Before we left I had a handful of peanuts since I have been starving for some reason (I'm thinking hormone related!!) Once we got close though the traffic started to back up. Adam thought maybe the traffic lights were out but I knew its because of the outlets and I was right!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!! We sat in traffic for 10 minutes and drove right by and went to Walmart instead. I was disappointed but oh well, we definitely spent less money at Walmart than we would have at the outlets ;)
We stopped at A&P for Adam to pick up some fried chicken that he wanted for lunch and came home. He got some tasty but evil fries too so of course I ate one too many of those along with a big bowl of Oikos vanilla Greek yogurt with the end of my can of pumpkin, tons of frozen berries, and honey nut cheerios. YUM YUM!

We pretty much sat around all day and I made some Vcon's Snobby Joe's to have for dinner on Tuesday night, since we are taking the parents out to dinner tomorrow night for a football fundraiser for my brother's high school.

Dinner was my leftover pizza from a few nights ago and the rest of my salad from Friday, with some ff ranch dressing. This dinner was great and hit the spot! Of course dessert was a Super Charge Me Cookie with a glass of 8th Continent Vanilla Light Soy milk. We are now watching Bridezillas and I'm looking up some ideas for some more turkey day projects for my kiddies to do!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! See everyone tomorrow night :-D

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  1. I can't stand sitting around in the car either - even if it IS for shopping.
    Outlet malls are the best!