Friday, November 21, 2008


Hi there!

I have to say today was an easy day, there were only 7 kiddies in my class and the morning flew by! I guess I should start with the beginning of my day, where I got my jump start ;) I had a bowl of oats with dried apricots, raisins, a banana, cinnamon and a touch of light vanilla soy milk. I also brought a mug of coffee with me on my very cold walk to work. The oats could've kept me going way past my lunch time at 12, but that's my free time when the kids are eating so I had to bust open the yogurt and apple. I also had some pretzels for some salty goodness. I walked home as fast as I could since it was FRRREEZING! I was starving for some reason when I got home so I ate some peanuts and grapes. That worked to get my through my 2 miles on the treadmill while I watched Oprah. I came home and showered and thought about dinner. My stomach has been funny so I settled on a bowl of the low fat/sodium Ramen Noodles I know this is definitely not the healthiest thing at all but its what I was in the mood for :) I also added a slice of cheese to make it creamy. Just like I did it back in elementary school.. hahah
Adam and I then were off to Barnes and Nobles to look at books and get some coffee. I got a tall skim cappuccino but realized half way through it I didn't get decaf! Their coffee is a tad too strong for me to be drinking a whole cup of it at 7 at night! So I stopped there at a half cup, When we came home I wanted some sweets so I had one of my super charge me cookies. That did the trick :) I'm now drinking tons of water because even though the soup was low in sodium I think it was still too salty for me since I'm not a big salt person.
I'm off to check out the weather tomorrow because my brother has another football game. I heard the windchill might be 19 degrees, I think he'll understand if I stay comfy in my house and clean instead ;) Maybe I'll bake him something for all his hard work!! I've also got to babysit tomorrow night so it might be a good thing to get all my cleaning and stuff out of the way early.

hope you all have a great night :-D

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  1. ohhh...i hope you can stay warm tomorrow! that sounds cold!