Saturday, November 8, 2008

LONG UPDATE!! I'll break it into parts ;)

Hiya All!

We had a great time in New Hope PA despite the not so great weather! To start off we had to walk around to find me some pj's when we got to the Inn since I forgot to pack them!!! I am always so good when it comes to packing but I was a slacker this time :( I ended up buying a New Hope Tshirt and stealing Adam's shorts ;) We walked around and looked in some stores and looked at some menus to figure out where we wanted to go for dinner. was the winner for Thursday night. First we sat at the bar and I got the Honey Wheat beer, it was really good and I knew I liked it since I had had it there before ;) Adam got the Octoberfest and that was great too! Once our table was ready Adam got a sampler of all the beers on tap for us to try and I pretty much liked them all except the IPA and the Scotch one. For dinner I got Chicken Caesar salad and ate some tasty onion bread with some olive oil and spices. I ate about 3/4 of the salad and was STUFFED but!! Adam wanted desert so we got a sugar cake with marscapone cheese. It was tasty but not exactly what I wanted so I (thankfully) only had a few bites. We walked all over creation including going into Lambertville NJ which is just over the bridge. Thankfully being tipsy after about 2 beers all the walking seemed like nothing, and I really needed it after all the eating! We then went to a bar called John and Peters and I had about 1/2 miller lite there and we hung out for awhile. There were some interesting "characters" there to watch.
We were exhausted by 10:30 and went back to our room to rest up for another fun filled day!
Next post coming up!!

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