Saturday, November 15, 2008


THIS WEATHER IS FOR THE DUCKS! UGH I wish it were snowing out!

This afternoon before the rain started Adam and I went to BJ's and Wegman's to pick up some stuff..I picked up things to make Vcon's Snobby Joes one night! I can't wait to try them :-D When we got home around 5 I was starving even though I did some sampling at Wegman's! hehe...I can't turn down free bread and cheese. For dinner I heated up the last of the Turkey Maple burgers that I had frozen awhile ago. I had that with Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese, some leftover red pepper slices, the rest of my sweet potato fries and.. Adam made this CRAZY HUGE steak, with zuchini, mushrooms and onions. I did have some of the veggies and 2 bites of the steak which was AMAZING!
After cleaning up I decided to make Eat Drink and Be Vegan Super Charge Me Cookies. They came out AWESOME!!!! I made it with chocolate chips and raisins. Adam even loved them, we each had one warm out of the oven.. I had one with a cup of light 8th continent vanilla soymilk. We're now charging up the remotes for the wii so we can play some games on this dreary Saturday night. Tomorrow we are getting up making breakfast, going for a walk and going to my brother's State football game :-D It was cancelled today because of the rain. I love the energy of Manasquan games.. Everyone gets so into it :-D I hope everyone had a great Saturday! See you tomorrow!

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  1. ah, i'm sorry about all the rain! want to end it all over here and put out our fires?

    glad your cookies came out well and have fun playing wii!