Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful Sunday!

Wow what a great way to end the long weekend! It was a gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore. I actually slept in until 8 this morning, got up and made some pumpkin coffee and tried to decide on breakfast. Microwaved eggwhites with a laughing cow garlic and herb cheese wedge was the winner with a morning star farms sausage link on the side. I also had a bite of Adam's very tasty pork roll egg and cheese on an English muffin. I was nice and full after all this and let it digest for a bit before I headed off to the gym to work off all of the weekends indulgences! I did about 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights. After that I went to my parents to drop off some of the apple cake I made, and some laundry ;) While there I snacked a tad too much even though I WAS NOT HUNGRY AT ALL!! Damn mindless eating! I know I ate a huge chocolate chip cookie and about 3 big handfuls of chocolate chex mix.

I came home and showered and got ready to go for a walk on the boardwalk with Adam. It was really nice out but windy, we walked the boardwalk then went onto the beach to walk alittle on the sand. I can't believe its November here and I was on the beach by the water with just a long sleeve shirt and cardigan! NUTS!!

Adam wanted a cheese steak for lunch (EVIL) so we stopped off and got him one and I picked up a Diet Stewart's Root Beer, I love their root beer so much! When we got home I wasn't too hungry after my little binge at the parents house so I had a bowl of Wegman's Oats and Honey with Almonds, some Kashi Go Lean Crunch, a banana, cinnamon and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I unfortunately couldn't say no when Adam let me have a few bites of that tasty sandwich too!! It had peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomato sauce. MMMM

It was then time to clean up the apartment a bit, and relax.. which is just what Sundays are for! I finished cutting out my things for the art project for tomorrow and whipped up some dinner. I made a ham steak with pineapple. All I do it pour the juice out of the can and warm the ham steak in it. I topped it with some pineapple slice and viola! I also made myself some baked sweet potato fries. I had more fries and 2 more bites of the ham since there was some leftover ;)

Dessert was another piece of the Hungry Girl Fudge. I NEED TO GET THIS STUFF OUT OF THE HOUSE!! hahah I'm off to finish watching the Nascar race with Adam and get comfy for the night. Hope everyone had a great weekend! See you tomorrow.

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  1. yum - your breakfast looks delish!

    it def was a great day weather wise yesterday!