Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday's New Hope Post :)

Well I slept horrible Thurday night and woke up around 6 on Friday morning! Once I got Adam up and out of bed we went downstairs and had some free coffee :) For breakfast we walked down the street to Starbucks and I got a big old bottle of water and their Oatmeal with dried fruit. It was YUMMY! We were then off to Which has tons of fun stores to walk around :) We stayed there for a few hours, and tried tons of yummy samples in a few of the stores. We stopped at the Wawa on the way home and I picked up an apple, grape and yogurt thing there. I came back and inhaled that and relaxed in our room for a bit before we went out and walked around town again. I went and bought some new candles and Adam bought a poster to hang up in the Living Room.

While walking around we thought we should stop into a great brewery in Lamberville NJ called they have some great beers there and you can try the 4 on tap for a dollar! Can't go wrong with that :) We ended up sharing the sampler and buying a few of the our favorites.

We couldn't wait to hit up our FAVORITE restaurant in town When we got there I got a cosmo and we ordered their awesome shrimp cocktail. (Realized to take the picture after we INHALED IT!!) I ordered the Tilapia with Mango Salsa, which was so good I ate almost all of it which is very unlike me. We always get dessert there so we got the chocolate molten lava cake and I got a cup of coffee too. Adam got a Grand Marnier so I stole a few sips of that too.

After we walked it off again all over New Hope and Lambertville and ended up at the bar at the Logan Inn where we were staying. We sat outside (there were heaters even though it was nice out) I had a malibu bay breeze and switched to seltzer with lemon. It was a great way to end a nice long day.

Here's a picture of the Logan Inn where we stayed and one looking into New Jersey

I'll be back later with today's post! I hope everyone had a great Saturday so far :-D


  1. I'm gonna die if I can't get some of that molten lava cake. Holy!

  2. Wow, amazing eats and i love all the scenery!!!!

  3. Beautiful picture at the end there! Glad you had fun. :D