Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BOO To Work Meetings!

Well today was an easy day, so I can't complain. But it was long for me :(

Breakfast was a bowl of oats with water, light vanilla soy milk, raisins, banana and some agave nectar for some sweetness ;) I also brought a mug of coffee with me to work as usual. The morning pretty much flew by, even the half hour of being outside in the coldness with the kiddies!

Lunch was cottage cheese and a giant apple (still the ones from apple picking!) and a brownie that one of my mom's made for us teachers :)

We had a work meeting that lasted until after 5 so I was a total slacker and just looped around the block and came home. It was just a long day and I've been so good with the gym lately that I decided to take a day off. I FEEL LIKE A SLACKER! But I know I deserve it every now and then.

I came home dumped all my stuff on the floor and complained to Adam, of course he listen like a good fiance and didn't even turn on the TV! He even made a martini for himself and let me have a few sips and 2 olives from it ;) He totally knows what cheers me up :-p

I decided to make a PB&J on Arnold's Double Fiber bread and had a bag of Brother's All Natural potato "chips" mmm so good! I talked on the phone and did some work stuff. Adam and I then got to the invitations, since we had to choose them so we could get the book back to his mom ASAP. THANK GOODNESS IT IS DONE :) For dessert I had a Jello sugar free chocolate pudding cup with some light whipped cream. I'm off to relax and watch some Food Network. I hope everyone had a wonderful night! 2 more days to go until the weekend :-D

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  1. ah, what a great guy keeping the tv off...hehehe.