Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sort of Back

Hiya Everyone!
I can't stay away too long! I'm on my old computer and it is slow and crappy... It takes forever to upload pictures so I'll leave ya with a few "good" ones from the past few days.

Here's just a quick recap of my last 3 days!

Sunday was my cousins/maid of honors baby shower. It was a brunch up in Spotswood NJ. I was pretty disappointed in the food there, its tough to make a buffet of eggs and such and have it stay tasty. I tried some scrambled eggs, a breakfast sausage, half a bagel with cream cheese, and a huge bowl of fruit! I ate all of the bagel and fruit and about half of the sausage, I only had 2 bites of the eggs b/c they were just YUCK! I also had 2 bites of the cake but it just wasn't my thing. When I finally go home I dragged Adam out food shopping to pick up things for the week. By the time we got home and got dinner ready I was not really in the mood to make anything big after all the eating I've done this past week!

With my birthday and 2 bbq's on Saturday I was al fooded out! If that is at all possible :-P I just had an Amy's veggie burger (love these!!) and some home made sweet tater fries ;)
Monday I was up early, made some oats and coffee went to the gym and then headed off to babsyit for 5 year old twin boys. They go to Kindergarten in the afternoon at my school that I teach at, but since its just babsitting this week at the school their mom asked me to watch them! They are the cutest but have tons of energy and that mixed with playing wiffle ball out in the sun for 2.5 hours kicked my butt!!! When I got done there I went to my parents to pick up my new phone! I got the LG EnV :-D woohoo for new tech gadgets to play with!!

After I got home I showered and put din din in the oven for Adam and I. We had dad's stuffed peppers and salads. MMMM so good! I had half of one (these suckers are huge!) with some salad then we cleaned up and went for a short walk to move around a bit since we were stuffed!

Dessert eneded up being a few bites of my bday cake (its almost gone thank goodness!!) and half an apple with pb.. I played with my new phone for most of the night trying to figure it out, and get some fun ringtones!

Today is the same as yesterday, I had cereal and some DD's coffee. I'm going to let my food digest, do some Wii Active and then get to the gym before picking up the boys from school. I hoe the sun comes out so we can play some more wiffle ball!!! See ya guys later! Hope your week is going well :-D
Hopefully my computer will be up and running by the end of the week and I got be back to "normal" blogging again :-D


  1. Happy birthday again! I'm craving sweet potato fries now. Mmmm and veggie burgers.