Sunday, June 21, 2009


Afternoon Everyone! I actually slept in until 8 o'clock today! Can you believe it???? I woke up in shock but was a happy camper. I got up and made some coffee and turned on the news. Today was going to be a relaxing kinda day. I made up some egg whites with some laughing cow cheese and about a 1/3 of a cinnamon raisin bagel with cottage cheese..  


MMMM I also had a bite of Adam’s GIANT pork roll, potato, cheese omelet that he cooked up. It was delish :-D We watched TV for a bit then went over to my school to get my bulletin board set up for summer camp.. It starts tomorrow and the first week is “Under The Sea” so I have lots of fun fishy and other type of oceany projects planned :) We then headed over to Pathmark for some foodage for the week. I got a Pineapple for 2 bux! That makes my day. I came home and cut that bad boy up so I could have some with my lunch. By 12:30 I was a Starving Marvin So I mixed up some Breyer’s yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean and had the most random mix on the side. Pineapple, a pickle, and some random chips out of bags we have laying around (we have too many chips opened! ADAM!!!lol ) I may have also ate a few chips before I took the picture… heheh

004 003

I then did some Wii Active and some ab work. I also vacuumed and even did behind the couch! It was GROSS back there! YUCK! I have been vegging around since then and snacked on way too many grapes and some more chips.. I can’t wait until he finishes them all up ;) I’m off to the parent’s house for some Filet Mignon for daddy’s day :-D We are also having Caesar salad and cake from Joe’s graduation. Even though he won’t be around, he bouncing at the bar that my girlfriends and I always go to The Headliner. The poor kid just graduated Friday night had work 8:30-3:30 last night and was back at work for 3-midnight tonight! He’s a champ let me tell ya :-D

I hope everyone is enjoying your day and celebrating great dads everywhere! See ya with my yummy pics from tonight!

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  1. Sounds like a good day! I'm craving pineapple now. Two dollars is certainly cheap.

    Eat those bags of opened chips up!